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Delivery Tips

Ayam Koro Bun Set

If consuming at a later time

Reheat plain buns (preferably by steaming) & chicken fillet in the microwave.

Keep butterhead lettuce & sliced cucumber refrigerated.


Popiah Set

If consuming at a later time

  1. Store chilled package of ingredients (egg, chilli, garlic, cucumber, & coriander leaves) in the fridge.
  2. Open up the lid of cooked turnip’s container to facilitate air flow.
    Cooked turnip needs extra care as it will turn bad easily if not kept properly.
  3. Cover popiah skin with a clean wet cloth (wringed dry) to retain moisture & keep it soft. It is best to consume the skin on the day of purchase.
  4. If keeping popiah skin overnight, store it in the freezer. For consumption, defrost and steam (lightly) to make it soft again. Quality of skin will not be as ideal as freshly-made ones.

 We advise you to consume the food within 2 hours upon delivery. Freshness is not guaranteed if food is left out for too long.


For a greater variety
You can also add other ingredients such as prawns or sausages on your own. We only provide main ingredients also suitable for vegetarians.


For Vegetarians
Popiah without egg, garlic & chilli would be a healthy vegetarian choice.


Kueh Pie Ti Set

To maintain shells’ crunchiness

Ensure that lid of the shell tub is secured tightly when shells are not consumed.

Able to keep up to 1 month. 


For the kids

Snip cooked turnips into smaller pieces.

Kueh Pie Ti without chilli would be a better choice for children.


For Vegetarians

Please note that our Kueh Pie Ti shell contains egg ingredient.


Laksa Set

If consuming at a later time

1.  Pour laksa gravy from the container into a pot & let it simmer under low heat.

2.  Reheat gravy when consuming (Eat it while it’s hot!). All our containers are microwavable.


Chef's recommendation

Add some shredded cucumber to your bowl of laksa. It’s crunchiness will enhance the overall taste! Subject to individual's preference.





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