I am interested in your DIY party sets. How do I go about ordering it?


You may either place an order online by clicking here or by dropping us a call at 62432118. Please note that for orders placed online, the orders will not be confirmed until you have received an email confirmation from us. If you have not received an email within 24 hours, please contact us at 62432118.

How many days in advance do I need to order?


We are able to accept orders 2-3 days in advance. However, if your order date falls on the public holidays and/or on the eve of public holidays, we would need your order to come in 3 days in advance. Failing that, orders will be subject to availablity. Ordes may be placed from 2 weeks to a month in advance, to prevent disappointment.

Is it necessary for us to purchase the add-ons?


Our DIY Party sets includes the add-ons. If you require more than what is provided, you may order more.

Can I exchange the condiments for something else?


Please note that all condiments are packed as a standard package and no exchange is allowed.

I have already placed an order online. What do I do next?


Please make sure that you have received an Order Summary & SMS Notification (Status: Pending)  from us. If you have not received it, that means your order was not successful.

I have already received the order summary. Does it mean that my order has been confirmed?


Orders are only confirmed when customers have received a Confirmation Email & SMS Notification (Status: Confirmed) from us.

How do I make changes to my order?


Please note that we only accept a change in orders 24 hours prior to delivery date. Please contact us at 62432118 to make changes to your order.

Is your food halal?


Food ordered for delivery and or purchased from our main kitchen are Halal certified.


What is the minimum order for delivery?


The minimum order to be eligible for delivery is $70.00 and above, excluding delivery fees. Delivery fees are applicable for all deliveries and are dependent on delivery locations.

If I don’t meet the minimum amount of $70.00, how much is the delivery charge?


Sorry, but we do not provide delivery on orders below $70.00. We will inform our customers if this becomes available in the future. Kindly arrange for self-collection at your preferred location.

I have already noted a preferred time for my food to arrive. Will the food reach me on time as I requested?


Please note that our deliveries are based on a 2 hrs time slot. Which means the food can reach you anytime within that time frame. If you have a strict timing to follow, we advise you to arrange for self-collection. Do not order for delivery.

I need to place an order for e.g. 3-5pm but will only be home at 4pm. Can we request the driver to come at 4pm?


We can put in a request for the food to try and reach you between 4-5pm. However, this cannot be guaranteed. Please ensure that there will be someone at home between 3-5pm. There are also instances where customers are okay with us leaving the food at their doorstep (on raised racks or cabinets) after payment has been made, prior to the delivery. However, please take note that we will not be responsible if the food is stolen or has been tampered with. 

Why do I need to come out to collect the food from you?


Door to door delivery is only available for residential orders. For all other orders, including not limited to CBD area, hotels, chalets, commercial buildings, hospitals etc. customers are required to collect the food by themselves upon our driver’s arrival. Deliveries to schools will be sent to the General Office only. If the food needs to be sent to other rooms for consumption, customers will have to transfer the food by themselves.

Where are the places which you don’t deliver to?


We do not deliver to Jurong Island, Airline House and vicinity, public parks and any other places which do not have a fixed unit number. We also do not deliver to places where a change of security pass is required.

Why can’t you deliver to places where a change of pass is needed?


It is our company policy not to deliver to any premises that require a change of pass. If you need to place an order to such a location, our driver can meet you at the guard house and you can make arrangement to come out and collect except for AIRLINE HOUSE and vicinity - delivery is unavailable for this location.

The system accepted my postal code but why you cannot deliver?


There are restrictions embedded in our delivery system, and we are unable to accurately state which postal codes we are unable to deliver to. Fortune Food reserves the right to reject any delivery location which it cannot fulfil.

My order was delivered to me late. Do I still have to pay for the delivery charge?


Whilst every effort is taken to ensure timely delivery, unforeseen circumstances like act-of-God or traffic/parking restrictions may hinder the punctuality of the delivery. We are not liable for any delay or failure to provide the delivery service that arises from circumstances beyond the delivery company’s control. 

I am eating the food at about 8pm-9pm but your last delivery is 3.30pm – 5.30pm. Will the food turn bad?


Please refer to the storage instructions here. While we endeavor to provide you with a recommended storage method, we cannot be responsible should the food turns bad as we do not use preservatives.

Why are setups and disposables not provided in the delivery?


Our company is providing a delivery service for the customer’s convenience and is not a food catering company. Therefore setups, cutlery, and disposables are not provided. Customers will need to prepare by themselves.


How do I place an order for self-collection?


1. Order online by clicking here or call us at 6243 2118 to place your order.
2. Provide us with your contact number.
3. Let us know which outlet you would like to collect your order from.
4. Quote your contact number during collection.

Can I change the location for collection?


Yes, you may change the location of the collection if we are informed 1 day in advance, during office hours. Requests forwarded to us via email cannot be confirmed until you receive a confirmation reply from us.

Why do I still need to queue during collection since I have already placed an order in advance?


The advance order is to enable us to ensure that the food is available for pick up, but it does not mean that you do not need to queue.

Why are they not able to find my order since I have already made an order?


Please ensure that the phone number quoted to the staff is the same used to place the order.

Which location is the most convenient for collection?


We recommend customers to collect the food items from our main kitchen. Parking is very convenient and as there are no retail sales, the queue is generally faster than those at hawker centers.

Why can’t I order prawn for self-collection at your outlets?


Prawns are packed and stored in the cold room of our main kitchen. To maintain freshness, it is only available for delivery and collection from our main kitchen.


I am eating the food later. How do I store it?


Please click here for storage instructions.

How are your DIY Party Sets packed?


All our DIY Party Sets are packed in microwavable disposable plastic containers.

How many people can 1 DIY Popiah Set serve?


Our DIY Popiah set serves approximately 15 rolls. Serving sizes varies on the number of rolls to be distributed amongst guests, and other food present at the event. You may estimate the number of rolls needed, and we will be able to recommend the number of sets you may need to order.

Is your Popiah vegetarian?


Our Popiah is considered vegetarian if chili (which contains dried prawn), garlic and eggs are not included in the making of the popiah.

Can I order 1.5 Set for the DIY Popiah?


Yes, the DIY Popiah Set may be ordered in 1.5 sets. All the other items are sold strictly as whole sets.

How are the condiments packed?


The condiments such as peanut, crispy bits, sweet sauce and chili etc. are packed separately in plastic containers.

How many people can 1 Set of Kueh Pie Ti serve?


1 Set of DIY Kuek Pie Ti serves approximately 50 pieces of Kueh Pie Ti. This is usually adequate for 15-20 people, depending on the individual appetite of each guest.

Is your Kueh Pie Ti vegetarian?


Kueh Pie Ti shell contains egg and the chili contains garlic which is only suitable for certain vegetarians.

How many people can 1 Set of Laksa serve?


1 Set of DIY Laksa can make about 18-20 small bowls (Styrofoam sized bowls).

Is your Laksa vegetarian?


Laksa is not suitable for vegetarians as the Laksa gravy contains dried prawn.

I need Laksa for about 25 people but 2 sets may be too much. What can I do?


Customers may order extra Laksa gravy as an alternative as the noodles provided are usually more than enough, according to previous customer feedback.

How many kilogrammes of gravy does 1 Set of Laksa contain?


1 Set of Laksa contains 3kg of Laksa gravy.

Do you provide the bowls for the Laksa?


Please note that all cutlery and disposables are not provided. Customers will need to prepare by themselves.

I want to order extra prawn for the Laksa. How many pcs of prawn are there in one box?


One box of prawn contains a minimum of 20 pcs (whole prawn).

How many people does 1 Set of DIY Muah Chee serve?


1 Set of Muah Chee is sufficient for about 15-20 servings.

Is your DIY Muah Chee vegetarian?


Our Muah Chee is considered vegetarian if fried shallots are not added.

How many people does 1 Set of DIY Ayam Koro Bun serve?


1 Set of DIY Ayam Koro Bun is sufficient for 15 servings.

Does the Ayam Koro Bun come with chili?


Yes, it does.

Do you sell additional Koro Buns?


Sorry, but the Koro Buns are not available for sale separately.

What meat do you use for your DIY Ayam Koro Bun Set?


Chicken thigh meat is used for our DIY Ayam Koro Bun Set.

How long can I keep the food for if I am eating it later?


Please consume the food within 2 hours upon arrival. If you need to eat it at a later time, please keep the food refrigerated to maintain freshness as we do not put preservatives in our food.

If I cannot finish the food, can I keep it for tomorrow?


Yes, you can keep the food. However, we cannot guarantee that the food will not go bad as we do not put preservatives in our food.


What are the options for payment?


We accept Credit Card, PayPal, Internet Bank Transfer and or Cheque.
Cheque should be made payable to Fortune Food (S) Pte Ltd.

How do I make payment via Internet Banking?


Select the option for Internet Banking when placing the order.
Our customer service agent will send you an SMS with the banking details for you to make your transfer.

I selected Internet Banking but does not have time to do the transfer. What will happen?


Our customer service agents will mark the invoice as paid upon receiving the transfer payment.
If no payment has been received, we will collect cash on delivery.


How can I cancel my order?


Cancellation must be done at least 48 hours before order date or based on case by case basis.
Kindly contact us at 62432118 if you need to cancel your order.

There is an emergency in the family. Can we cancel our order on the same day?


While we empathize with your situation, our food would have already been prepared for the day’s delivery and any cancellation done will be subjected to a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount, to cover our food cost.