cny • DIY Party Sets

11 Feb (三十) - 21 Feb (初十)

*Min. Order $100 for Delivery / No min. order for Pick-up 
*Flat-rate Delivery Fee of $25 applies. 

*Disclaimer: Any amendments for CNY orders that have been confirmed must be made FIVE (5) working days in advance prior to your delivery or pick-up day, subject to availability. Last-minute changes are strictly not allowed. We seek your kind understanding. Thank you!

From our signature DIY Popiah sets to a timeless favourite, Muah Chee, we've got the foods and we're bringing them to you! Each set is designed to evoke memories of the good old days, with the entire family & friends coming together for a meal. Relive the classic atmosphere with our DIY Sets and their specially designed placemats!

Perfect for home parties, corporate celebrations & team-bonding activities of all ages! 

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