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2015 Mid Autumn Festival

Our crowning achievement came in 2015, when we were invited to cater for the Mid-Autumn Festival held in Hougang’s Marquee @ N6 Park. Residents of all shapes and sizes gathered under the moonlight for performances, games, and of course, food! With 8 live stations tending to all the hungry stomachs, not a single resident left unsatisfied. To top it off, we had the exclusive opportunity to host PM Lee Hsien Loong as he rolled his very own popiahs!

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Straits Times - Steamy Food Fest Opening

Under a long, white tent erected on Read Bridge, hungry customers thronged the food stalls at the opening of the Singapore Food Festival, with the Fortune Food Popiah stall particularly popular with a long queue of customers.

Credits: ST Photo

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Lianhe Zaobao - Singapore Food Festival 2010

We jumped at the opportunity to participate in the prestigious Singapore Food Festival. To us, this was a way of reaching out to our fellow Singaporeans and foreign guests, and sharing with them the simple joy of a freshly-made, delectable popiah! Over 30,000 people came down to the iconic Read Bridge on Clarke Quay for good vibes, good times, and great food!

A cover page feature on Lianhe Zaobao’s weekend edition highlights just how successful the Singapore Food Festival was, and we’re proud to be a part of it.

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President’s Award Feature

We were honoured to be one of the 12 hawker specialties featured in the President’s Award for the Environment (PAE), reaffirming our mission to preserve the heritage of our local foods. On top of that, the late President S R Nathan graced us with his presence at the Awards ceremony too!

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福城食品自2000年起便在本地制作薄饼皮和小金杯 (kueh pie tee).并曾被邀上总统府制作小金杯料理。 这家档口在去年8月开始营业。为了创新和顺应港脚坊 业主的要求,喜欢吃芝士的店主杨月瑛便研发出两种芝士 口味的面煎棵。 薄薄的面皮里只含着一种口味的材料。但店主坚持面

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OMY 食在好情报

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荣列2006年度 王见王劲爆美食篇

不管是堂食、打包、开派对,全手制薄饼随时随地 给您绝佳口福! 出自,!自制薄饼。薄饼皮!,店家的招牌手制薄饼、 小金杯(Kueh Pie Ti)、咖哩角、黑胡椒角和沙丁鱼 角,味道口感一级棒,包您回味无穷! ・薄饼配套$20,小金杯套餐$26. ・订购$50以上,免费送货.须一天前订购.

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Lianhe Zaobao - 味在皮中

味在皮中。 这是“自制薄饼’的老板娘杨雁焕 特别强调的。 记者曾到她位于加冷答鲁小贩中心 的“自制薄饼”摊位吃过两三次,觉得 薄饼的皮特别好,又软又能承受薄饼馅 料的“湿气’,不会给人湿嗒嗒的感 觉。喜欢,于是找上老板娘。 她说,薄饼味道要好,三样材料不 能差,即薄饼皮、花生、辣椒。的确, 薄饼皮水准一流,跟一般吃到的干硬饼 皮感有很大的差别。她说:“这是我们 工厂自制的,一张张用手工制作,由于 成本较低,如果在摊位卖剩的话,薄饼 皮全丢掉。外边卖的薄饼,可能因为不 舍得成本,因此隔夜的饼皮也拿来用, 所以味道和品质肯定有所不同。”她强 调,皮好,盖过一切。 薄饼的味逆不会太重味,每一种材 料都很新鲜,尤其是脆脆・即使包裹在 薄饼里多时,仍可保持爽脆感,打包回 

家也不是问题。开业这几年来,她卖的薄饼坚持每条1元2角。 杨雁焕从原本一个簿饼小摊位,发展到一年多前在勿洛一带开设富城 食品工厂,除了自制薄饼皮作为批发生意外,也供应薄饼馅料等。由于 材料好,口碑传开后,本地酒店也向她拿货,并且也常受邀到酒店去做 薄饼示范。

她说:“我们也 提供外卖服务,顾客 可买一套20元的薄饼 (15张饼皮加配 料),自己回家包更 有乐趣。此外,凡是 订购超过50元的,我 们免费送货上门。通 常,顾客在家里举行 小聚会,喜欢向我们 订购。” 

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Halal-Certified Central Kitchen

In our mission to preserve our local heritage, we applied for the Halal Certification so that we, too can share our love for local food with our Muslim friends. We are now listed in the Halal directory by MUIS. Our participation in the Halal Food Fair in 2006 and our appearance on the Malay newspaper - Berita Minggu, has also helped us reach out to the Muslim community around us.

A feature on Fortune Food by Berita Minggu on 13th April 2008, part of an ongoing effort to reach out to our Muslim friends around us.

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