2015 Mid Autumn Festival

Our crowning achievement came in 2015, when we were invited to cater for the Mid-Autumn Festival held in Hougang’s Marquee @ N6 Park. Residents of all shapes and sizes gathered under the moonlight for performances, games, and of course, food! With 8 live stations tending to all the hungry stomachs, not a single resident left unsatisfied. To top it off, we had the exclusive opportunity to host PM Lee Hsien Loong as he rolled his very own popiahs!

In 2015, Fortune Food had the honor of participating in the Mid Autumn Festival at the vibrant Marquee @ N6 Park in Hougang. On this enchanting evening, residents from all walks of life gathered under the moonlight to partake in a joyous celebration of culture, entertainment, and delectable cuisine. The event, which took place on a memorable night, featured the esteemed presence of Singapore's Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong, making it an occasion of immense pride and excitement.

The festivities commenced with a burst of energy as residents filled the park, eagerly anticipating the evening's events. The venue was abuzz with the sounds of laughter and conversation, creating an atmosphere of community and togetherness. Fortune Food, renowned for our Popiah, had prepared a feast to ensure that every guest's appetite would be satisfied.

Freshly wrapped, home-made popiah. Hungry yet?

The event reached its pinnacle when PM Lee Hsien Loong arrived, accompanied by an entourage of distinguished guests. His presence ignited a wave of excitement and pride among the attendees. PM Lee, known for his deep appreciation of local cuisine, took part in the festivities with genuine enthusiasm. He graciously rolled his very own popiah, demonstrating his connection to Singaporean traditions. The sight of the Prime Minister engaging in this humble culinary endeavor was met with applause and admiration from all present.

Seems like PM Lee’s a natural at this!

With 8 live stations tending to each guest and their hungry stomachs, it's safe to say that no one left unsatisfied!

Eight live stations were set up, each manned by skilled chefs from Fortune Food Popiah Team, ready to showcase their expertise in the art of popiah rolling. The air was filled with the aroma of fresh ingredients as the chefs skillfully assembled the rolls, filling them with a tantalizing combination of vegetables, meat, and various condiments. The sight of the chefs' nimble hands creating these delectable treats was a mesmerizing experience in itself.

Beyond the gastronomic delights, the Mid Autumn Festival celebration featured a diverse range of activities. Vibrant music, and local delights filled the air with an air of merriment and joy. Lanterns adorned the park, illuminating the night sky with a kaleidoscope of colors, symbolizing the hope and unity that the festival represents.

As the evening drew to a close, residents left with hearts full of fond memories and gratitude. The 2015 Mid Autumn Festival, organized by Ang Mo Kio GRC, is an event to foster community spirit and preserve traditions. With the added delight of Fortune Food's Popiah Rolling collaboration and the gracious presence of PM Lee Hsien Loong, the event will forever remain a cherished milestone in the hearts of all who attended.