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If you like peking duck wrap experience, you'll love our Smoked 'Peking' Duck Wrap Kit. Made with care and delivered right to your doorstep, our kits make gatherings easy and fun. Simply follow the easy instructions, and enjoy the aromatic smokiness of Peking duck at home!


Bring the taste of Smoked 'Peking Duck' home with a fun, DIY kit from us! The perfect kit to bring a delicious wrap in six easy steps to you and your loved ones, our Smoked 'Peking' Duck wrap kit will have you feasting like an emperor without all the fuss. Perfect for family gatherings or to start a home party, our Peking Duck Wrap Kit is the best way to enjoy this iconic meal and bring it back into fashion for your next get-together!


DIY Smoked 'Peking' Duck Set @ $34 (15 wraps per set)

You can now experience a delicious Peking Duck wrap in six easy steps! Now you can feast like an emperor too! Make this popular wrap at home with friends and family. Our DIY Smoked Peking Duck Set includes our signature Mini Handmade Popiah Skin and all the ingredients, plus instructions to help you create this iconic wrap.

Fortune Food offers islandwide delivery*. Islandwide delivery for Smoked 'Peking' Duck DIY set and other menu items available. Minimum order is $30. Delivery fee applies.

We know you’re gonna love it. 


What's in the our smoked peking duck kit?



#1 Mini Handmade Popiah Skin 

It’s the classic handmade popiah skin from Fortune Food that we all know and love - made compact for easy, convenient, and fuss-free snacking! Handmade, fresh with love, it’s the perfect base for a Smoked Peking Duck wrap - the gentle chewiness of the skin complements the texture of the duck, while a firm structure ensures that everything stays on for a complete Peking Duck experience! It may be mini, but don’t be fooled - it’s got all the maximums for flavours and fun!


#2 Peking Duck Sauce 

A little bit sweet, a little bit savoury - the iconic Peking Duck sauce is the glue to every Peking Duck dish. Robust flavours activate a hidden depth of taste to the duck, while providing a wholesome and appetising aroma to the senses. Rich, flavoursome, and delectable, it’s the perfect companion to the meatiness of the duck.



#3 Crispy Bits

How about a little crunch? Made with a special flour mixture and our deep-fry proprietary technology, our crispy bits add a lively bite and pop to your wraps. A must-have in every single serving, these crispy bits introduce an element of fun to the classic Smoked Peking Duck wrap. One spoonful’s never enough - the addictive nature of our crispy bits will have you returning for more!


#4 Scallion

An often overlooked ingredient in the dish, these scallions do more than just provide colour and crispness - scallions bring a unique zing, imparting a distinctive onion-y intensity to the wrap. Beyond that, scallions add a dash of freshness, creating a gracefully balanced dish.


#5 Smoked Duck

The star of the show - carefully smoked for that signature taste, the smoked duck comes with just the right balance of tenderness, flavourful fat, and striking aromas - a flavour both intense, yet delightfully light on the palate. Moist, rich and succulent, with a burst of umami flavour - there's a reason why it's been such a favourite throughout history!




#6 Japanese Cucumber

Last but not least - the shredded Japanese cucumber! Unlike their regular cousins, Japanese cucumbers have a characteristic delicate and sweet flavour, with an added crunchiness that's absent from regular cucumbers. Add a few slices for an underrated freshness and a crisp bite to your wrap!


#7 all the flavours and fun!

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