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DIY Smoked 'Peking' Duck Set @ $34 (15 wraps per set)

A gastronomic journey, all in a wrap! A favourite of emperors and royalty in China, Peking Duck is a centuries-old dish hailing from Beijing. The epitome of any Chinese feast, we’re bringing this iconic meal to you in a fun and easy kit for your enjoyment! A delicious wrap in six easy steps - now you can feast like an emperor too!


Must-try Fortune's Peking Duck Sauce
A little bit sweet, a little bit savoury - the iconic Peking Duck sauce is the glue to every Peking Duck dish. Robust flavours activate a hidden depth of taste to the duck, while providing a wholesome and appetising aroma to the senses. Rich, flavoursome, and delectable, it’s the perfect companion to the meatiness of the duck.
The star of the show - carefully smoked for that signature taste, the smoked duck comes with just the right balance of tenderness, flavourful fat, and striking aromas - a flavour both intense, yet delightfully light on the palate. Moist, rich and succulent, with a burst of umami flavour - there's a reason why it's been such a favourite throughout history!

DIY Smoked 'Peking' Duck Tips from the Guru:

For the best experience, consume in a single mouthful! To properly enjoy your Smoked ‘Peking’ Duck wrap like royalty used to, eat it up in a single bite! Allow the delicious mix of flavours to come together in your mouth for a true, royal experience!

Add an extra level of bite to your wrap! The crispy bits aren't just there for show - be generous with it! Sprinkle additional crispy bits for an exciting pop and that extra bit of fun!

‘ZHNG’ your Smoked 'Peking' Duck Wrap!

Like it spicy? Need a little kick of spice in your wrap? Add a little chilli - the sambal chilli or garlic chilli from our Popiah and Kueh Pie Ti DIY Sets go perfectly with the Smoked ‘Peking’ Duck wrap!

More meat? Try replacing the smoked duck with other meats as an alternative! Chicken slices or even sausages are alternatives you can experiment with!

Air Fry! Here’s something for the experienced chefs among us - try air-frying your Smoked ‘Peking’ Duck wraps for a brand-new Peking Duck experience! It’s all the flavours you love, with a crispy exterior hiding a delightfully delicious wrap - yum!