Where to Find Authentic Handmade Popiah in Singapore

Loved by locals and visitors alike, this delectable spring roll is filled with a medley of vegetables, meat, and aromatic spices, all wrapped in a thin, crepe-like skin. If you're in search of an authentic and truly handmade popiah experience, there are several destinations in Singapore that should be on your radar.

Unraveling the History of Traditional Popiah

The origins of popiah can be traced back to the province of Fujian in southeastern China. Traditionally enjoyed during the bountiful spring season when fresh vegetables abound, popiah has found its way into the hearts and palates of Hokkiens and Teochews across various regions. In Singapore, it has become a popular choice among both Chinese residents and the wider population. During the QingMing Festival, popiah not only serves as a delightful snack but also holds significance as an offering for ancestral worship.

The Making of Popiah in Singapore

There are various types of popiah, with Hokkien and Peranakan versions being the most well-known. Key ingredients include chopped bamboo shoots, dried beancurd, jicama (a type of turnip), lettuce, bean sprouts, eggs, cucumbers, carrots, long beans, and roasted ground peanuts. Optional additions may include pork and dried sausages, while the Peranakan rendition often incorporates prawns and crabmeat. To create a popiah roll, the delicate skin is coated with a thin layer of sweet sauce, chili paste, and garlic paste. A crisp lettuce leaf is then carefully placed atop the skin, followed by the addition of moist fillings, dried ingredients, and an array of flavorful sauces. Finally, the ends of the roll are sealed after wrapping. The harmonious blend of meaty, spicy, and sweet flavors is key to the perfect popiah. However, it all starts with the secret to its success—the skin. The ideal popiah skin is paper-thin, yet strong and chewy. Made from a batter typically consisting of wheat flour, salt, water, and oil, the dough undergoes meticulous hand churning before being fried on a hot griddle.

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