What's in a Popiah?

The love for popiah in Singapore goes beyond its delightful taste and cultural significance. It represents a shared passion for good food, a celebration of heritage, and a connection to one's roots. What makes popiah so well-loved in Singapore is not just the delicious combination of flavors, but also the versatility it offers. Each roll can be customized according to personal preferences, allowing individuals to create a popiah that suits their taste. Whether it's the choice of ingredients, the level of spiciness from the sambal chili, or the texture of the popiah skin, there are endless possibilities to explore and enjoy.

At Fortune Food, we’re proud to differentiate ourselves and create a taste that is uniquely ours!

" Wrapped in a piece of thin and springy handmade popiah skin, a Popiah holds great meaning to families and a community as a whole. Long hours of hard work goes into preparing the ingredients of Popiah; from making the dough of the Popiah skin, to peeling, shredding and cooking of turnips vegetables & lastly preparing its main condiments such as sambal chillicrispy bits and sweet sauce. Yes, all our ingredients are made from scratch in-house!"

10 Ingredients in 1 Humble Roll

The harmony of every single ingredient in our Popiah creates the best of taste for all to enjoy. In Singapore, you can find popiah being enjoyed in various settings. From hawker centers and food courts to upscale restaurants and home kitchens, this beloved dish has permeated every corner of the island. Its popularity transcends age, ethnicity, and social backgrounds, making it a true representation of Singapore's multicultural food heritage.


Handmade Popiah Skin. Every piece is handmade, fresh with love! Nothing beats the chewy texture that acts as the base for all other ingredients - holding it tightly as one. Don't be fooled - it may look thin (<0.5 mm) but it's strong enough to contain all that delicious goodness in your popiah! On top of that, it's low in carbs - a perfect option for those counting calories!

Cooked Turnips & Carrots. Don't be deceived by its simplicity - the juicy slow-cooked turnips and carrots give you a burst of flavor in every bite! Ask the older generations - they'd agree that the preparation of cooked turnips is the most tedious process of all - but we did it from scratch - right from the peeling, washing, and shredding of raw turnips! Despite this being the trickiest ingredient to master in a popiah, we've managed to successfully engineer this core ingredient to be vegetarian-friendly, so dig in!

Minced Garlic. Freshly minced garlic that blends perfectly with the sambal chilli and sweet sauce to give each roll of a kick in taste!

Sambal Chilli. Cooking our own Sambal Chilli also means that we know the taste buds of our customers – from the mild chilli lovers to super adventurous ones who love “extra spicy” Popiah! Yes, we’re always ready to let them have it their way. 

Sweet Sauce. Often the most neglected ingredient in a Popiah (retailers usually buy it off the shelves due to its tedious preparation process), we made the impossible possible by manufacturing our very own Sweet Sauce with an optimal degree of sweetness. Unlike other Sweet Sauce that typically consists of “hay gor – fermented prawn paste”, ours are made to be Vegetarian-friendly!

Grated Peanuts. Cooking our own Sambal Chilli also means that we know the taste buds of our customers – from the mild chilli lovers to super adventurous ones who love “extra spicy” Popiah! Yes, we’re always ready to let them have it their way. 

Crispy Bits. Made with our special flour mixture and deep-fry proprietary technology, our crispy bits are a must-have and the most addictive ingredient among in our popiahs! Every single bite of Popiah is crunchy to the very last bit!

Eggs. Fresh eggs are fried and minced up. Simply add a dash to elevate the taste.

Shredded Cucumber. Apart from our Crispy Bits, the fresh Shredded Cucumber contributes greatly to the overall balance and crunchiness in taste. 

Coriander. Fresh coriander leaves to complement the overall taste with refreshing tinge. Fret not, we assure it’s not too overpowering and subtle in taste.

Suitable for vegetarian if egg, garlic, coriander and chilli (contains dried shrimp) is not added.

Freshness guaranteed.

We are committed to serving quality and healthy food by making our popiah skin fresh daily, and by using only fresh ingredients without any preservatives. To support this, our kitchen is open 365 days! We know that freshness is the key to a springy & tasty piece of popiah skin. Each piece of popiah skin is handmade to perfection by our masters. 


So, save the hassle of tedious food preparation..
Let us do the cooking & simply have a good time with your loved ones!