Handmade Popiah Skin 手工薄饼皮
Handmade Popiah Skin 手工薄饼皮

Handmade Popiah Skin 手工薄饼皮

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Every piece is handmade, fresh with love! Nothing beats the chewy texture that acts as the base for all other ingredients - holding it tightly as one. Don't be fooled - it may look thin (<0.5 mm) but it's strong enough to contain all that delicious goodness in your popiah! On top of that, it's low in carbs - a perfect option for those counting calories!

We Specialise in Handmade Popiah Skin.

Every piece of Handmade Popiah Skin is meticulously crafted with love, ensuring a truly authentic and delightful culinary experience. Made by skilled hands, these fresh, handmade skins form the foundation for your Popiah masterpiece, providing a chewy texture that brings all the other ingredients together.

The handmade process is what sets these Popiah skins apart. Carefully mixed and kneaded, the dough is rolled out into thin, delicate sheets with precision and expertise. Each piece is crafted with attention to detail, ensuring consistency and quality in every bite.

While the Handmade Popiah Skin may appear thin, measuring less than 0.5 mm, don't be fooled by its delicate appearance. These skins possess remarkable strength, capable of containing all the delicious goodness that fills your Popiah. Their durability ensures that every roll stays intact, allowing you to savor each bite without worry of breakage.

The chewy texture of Handmade Popiah Skin acts as a binding agent, holding together all the flavorful ingredients within. It provides a delightful mouthfeel as you bite into the roll, allowing you to experience the harmonious blend of fillings, sauces, and condiments with each chew.

The commitment to crafting Handmade Popiah Skin not only ensures a superior taste and texture but also reflects the dedication and passion of those who create them. The handmade process infuses each piece with a personal touch and a genuine love for the culinary artistry, making each bite a truly special and memorable experience.

Quality Handmade Popiah Skin Supplier

Fortune Food has been supplying Popiah Skin to stores all over Singapore since 2000. Our client ranges from hawkers to local hotels. Quality and Freshness is our topmost emphasis. Our handmade specialty also received a President's Award Feature, reaffirming our mission to preserve the heritage of our local foods. New store owners or F&B partners can contact us directly for business purchases. We provide delivery & pickup services.

Gather your family, friends and children, and have fun!


Not only does the DIY aspect enhance the taste experience, but it also provides a sense of accomplishment and pride for individuals of all ages, including children. You become the creator of your own popiah, a culinary artist who can experiment, innovate, and discover flavor combinations that bring you immense satisfaction. It's a hands-on experience that not only elevates the joy of eating to a whole new level but also creates a fun and engaging activity that children can enjoy. With adult supervision, kids can participate in rolling and assembling their own popiah, fostering their creativity and teaching them about different ingredients and flavors. This interactive and educational experience allows families to bond over food and creates lasting memories. Whether you're a seasoned cook or a novice in the kitchen, the DIY nature of popiah-making ensures that everyone can partake in the fun and deliciousness of creating their own culinary masterpiece.



How can I keep any leftover popiah skin?

  • Typically, our popiah skin is 'fresh' for just one day. Therefore, we ensure to freshly prepare the skins each morning and recommend that customers purchase them on the same day they plan to consume them. Popiah skins tend to dry out rapidly when stored for longer periods, and if used to wrap a popiah roll afterwards, they become brittle and prone to breakage.
    However, it is worth noting that popiah skins can be preserved in the freezer and remain edible for up to one week. Since the skins lose their freshness after the initial day, it is recommended to utilize them for fried dishes like fried spring rolls, samosas, or deep-fried popiah (popiah goreng) instead.

How to ensure freshness of Popiah Skin

  • Order on the same day you intend to consume! We handmade Popiah Skin daily.
  • Upon Receiving: Keep the Popiah Skin air-tight.
  • When Serving: Cover Popiah Skin with a damp cloth so it doesnt loose it's moisture.

Can i freeze Popiah Skin

  • No, we highly recommend that you do not keep Popiah Skin overnight. Popiah Skin is best consumed fresh daily. 

How long can Fresh Popiah Skin be kept.

  • 1 day. Do place order for the same day you would wish to consume.

Can i keep Popiah Skin overnight?

  • No, we highly recommend that you do not keep Popiah Skin overnight. Popiah Skin is best consumed fresh daily. 

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- Each Mini DIY Set comes with a generic Placemat & each Regular DIY Set comes with our product specific Placemat for ultimate DIY experience. (Placemats only available for Delivery & Pick Up orders @ 3017 Bedok Main Kitchen.)
- No Cutleries provided.

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